Ondina // Rebecca


Rebecca Hidalgo is a performer and multimedia producer who showcases her work through dance, music, theatre, circus, and digital media.


Photo by Karen Santos, Costume & Makeup by Rebecca

Ondina a.k.a Rebecca Hidalgo

is a multi-faceted artist & glittery entity who hails from Brooklyn, NY. Born to a Dominican-American family, Rebecca became involved in the arts at the age of two, when she took her first ballet class. She then added music/singing and acting to her array of interests, which grew into a strong involvement in musical theatre and dance (classical & street dance) up until the end of high school.

In 2015, she graduated with a BFA in Drama from New York University's Tisch School of the Arts, where she studied at the Experimental Theatre Wing and Stonestreet Studios. While at ETW, her training in post-modern dance technique, Grotowski work and Afro-Haitian dance melded with her prior movement training to form a unique dance style of her own. Her vocal stylings and songwriting grew with embodied voice work and improvisational technique, and throughout college she participated in multiple musicals and sang with a Latin-fusion band. Her other fields of study included child & adolescent mental health, film production, urban arts and sociology- studies which led her to Paris and Berlin during her college years. She continues to travel around the world to learn, study, and perform. 

Rebecca's work consists of collaborations and solos that bring together the worlds of music, dance/movement, theatre, aerial circus, video art & photography. Her artistic visions further become a reality through the use of her own costume design and makeup art. After becoming involved in the queer nightlife scene, her dance and performance work became heavily influenced by it. Throughout her work, she strives to use her experience as both a queer and LatinX woman to further her use of "art as activism." She uses the stage name Ondina.

Photo by Grace Chu for Reykjavik Pride 2018

Photo by Grace Chu for Reykjavik Pride 2018

Using extremely personal content and a high-energy aesthetic, Ondina’s mission as an artist is to tell stories that spark controversy, conversation and communication.

Hidalgo is a core company member and Media Marketing Coordinator for Cirque du Nuit , an immersive theatrical circus company based in New York City, a resident dancer and performer for the popular NYC Queer Event Hot Rabbit, and co-choreographer for Tactile Movement Collective (NYC). She has performed at notable NYC venues such as LaMaMa, The Bitter End, Rockwood Music Hall, The PIT, Park Avenue Armory, House of Yes, Triskelion Arts & more.

She is currently based in both NYC & Reykjavík (Iceland), and in addition to performing/creating, is a fitness instructor and certified Bar Method instructor.

Singing at  Rockwood Music Hall , NYC

Singing at Rockwood Music Hall, NYC

Performing at the  House of Yes  installation at  29Rooms

Performing at the House of Yes installation at 29Rooms

photo by Natalie Headley for The Bar Method Brooklyn

photo by Natalie Headley for The Bar Method Brooklyn


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